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“As it stands in Australia, women make up less than 25% of the workforce in electricity, gas and water services. It’s even less for women in construction, sitting at 11.7%. What’s interesting is that these industries are also suffering from a national skill shortage, according to the Australian Government’s Department of Employment.” Source:

Australia needs more tradies and encouraging women to pursue trade careers could fill that gap. There are many benefits to having women working in the trade industries, some of which are outlined below.

They’re passionate about their jobs: Because it is still unusual for women to be in the physical trades the ones that do choose a trade usually do so because they are really passionate about it and / or have a great aptitude for it. They are likely to be extra motivated, keen to learn and excel.

New ways of solving old problems: The women in your team may have a different way of looking at a task or tackling a challenge that others in the team may not have thought of. A fresh perspective can help to break through barriers and increase innovation.

Promoting Positive Company Culture: By embracing female trade professionals on your team companies can create a positive track record and show support. This creates a good public image for and can increase engagement and positive publicity. Additionally it helps to educate and encourage others to do the same.

Image Source: Geelong Indy

Tips for women considering going into a trade apprenticeship:

  • Join social media and local networking sites such as The Lady Tradies to share and engage with other awesome women in trades.
  • Listen to podcasts from Tradeswomen Australia for some excellent advice and inspiration.
  • Check out some of the products backing lady tradies such as SheWear Workwear designed for the female figure.
  • Contact Apprenticeships QLD to hear about the latest trade opportunities.

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