Building Futures Program – Sold for the first time in a century

Apprenticeships Queensland (AQ) is a not-for-profit (non-Government) organisation established (1986) as a Group Training Company. We help young people get an Apprenticeship or Traineeship that will launch their career.

We employ apprentices directly and hire them into businesses that like the extra support we provide. We support apprentices with specialist career and employment mentors. We support the businesses a team of people that take care of all administrative requirements that comes with an Apprenticeship.

We asked our clients what their greatest need was in a new apprentice, the majority said ‘work and site ready’ apprentices.

School based apprenticeships are a great way to get young people some experience, however issues with travel to different sites proved an issue. Apprenticeships Queensland decided to provide a central worksite for the employment of school based apprentices.

We found a house that was in desperate need of repair and created the ‘Building Futures Program’. We hired a team of highly experienced trade qualified supervisors and put them to work on our first house in North Ipswich. The finished product was amazing and when presented to market quickly sold.

The selection of house is equally as important to us. We want to restore / renovate period homes that maybe lost to the area if knocked down. We take on projects that will help maintain the heritage look and appeal to the region.

We are now well into the renovation or our second house (Saddlers Crossing, due for completion in January) and have just purchased our third (Woodend).

The Woodend house is a true time capsule, having been sold for the first time in a century. The home has been vacant for the past ten years. The sellers were kind enough to leave some of the period furniture with the house. The home was a demonstration of simple living in simple times. No television or radio was present in the house. There were many books some dating back to 1935 when the last owner attended Sunday School. The kitchen still had the Crown wood stove (circa 1939) and downstairs the Pope Wringer (used for washing clothes).

To document the renovation, we have published the professional photos taken once we got the keys. These photos (published on our Facebook Page) have received an amazing amount of interest.

We are currently getting the house ready for next year’s School Based Apprentices to start. Older houses like these have lead paint that needs to be removed as well as some Asbestos that can be harmful in some circumstances. We are also having the roof replaced to make sure the house stays in the best condition possible.

If you want to keep up-to-date with the progress, make sure you like our Facebook page and check in our website for regular photos and updates.

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