Work Placement

What is work placement?

Work Placement is an arrangement between the school, a host employer, and Apprenticeships Queensland to provide unpaid work experience at a workplace, as an integral part of your secondary studies.

Students generally spend one day per week, over an agreed period of weeks, in the workplace, or other arrangements negotiated between the parties as required.

The student is insured for WorkCover through an agreement between the Education Department and the parent or guardian of the student being placed.

Who can do work placement?

If your school has an agreement with Apprenticeships Queensland, we can, through your school vocational staff, assist with the arrangements for your work placement.

Will I get paid?

No. Work placement is a non-paid work experience program.

Why should I do it if I don't get paid?

Work placement gives you the opportunity to try out different jobs in different career areas (vocations). You may be offered the opportunity to do a school based apprenticeship or traineeship as a result of your work placement.

How would that happen?

The workplace may be impressed by you and your work, and decide they would like to take you on as a school based apprentice or trainee. If you enjoyed the work placement, you may decide you'd like to do a school based apprenticeship or traineeship. Apprenticeships Queensland, along with your school, can then assist you in finding a host employer.




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