Aged Care

What is an Aged Care Worker?

Aged Care Workers provide services to older Australians and younger people with a disability in nursing homes, hostels and aged care facilities. These workers operate as part of a care team under direct supervision of nurses and/or other health professionals.

What kind of work do they do?

Responsibilities include:

  • organising and supervising social and cultural activities
  • providing support and assistance with residents' daily routines,
  • assisting with administrative tasks.

How do I get into this occupation?

Complete a Certificate III Aged Care as a traineeship.  Usually, you will need at least Year 10 with good results in English. You may be able to start this traineeship while you are still at school or part time.

How will I know if it's for me?

You will enjoy interacting with older people.  To be a successful Aged Care Worker requires patience, tolerance, a basic level of physical stamina and emotional understanding of the needs of the people in your care.

You will be a responsible individual who is happy to care for others.


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