What is an Electrician?

Electricians install, maintain and repair electrical circuits in a wide variety of applications e.g. homes, commercial and industrial buildings. There are a number of specialised areas within the trade including building systems, communications, refrigeration and air conditioning.

What kind of work do they do?

  • Install electrical apparatus
  • Maintain and repair apparatus and associated circuits
  • Test apparatus and circuits
  • Diagnose and rectify faults in electrical systems.

How do I get into this trade?

You need to complete an Electrotechnology Apprenticeship. Usually, you will need at least Year 10 with good results in English and a high standard of achievement in Maths. You may be able to start this apprenticeship while you are still at school.

How will I know if it's for me?

You will be very good at Maths and enjoy working with both your hands and your mind. Often, you will be working on-site, so you would enjoy working in a variety of locations. Sometimes the working conditions will be difficult e.g. working in confined spaces. Climbing on structures is part of the job, as is bending, stooping, stretching and lifting, so physical fitness is important.


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