About Apprenticeships

What is an Apprenticeship?

A combination of paid work and off-the-job training (college) that, if successfully completed, will gain you a nationally recognised trade qualification.

Your skill training is provided on-the-job, and, depending on the requirements of your chosen vocation, you will undergo off-the-job training at a recognised TAFE college or registered training provider.

Most apprenticeships are competency based, and will take about 3 to 4 years to complete, although in certain circumstances, provided you have achieved all the required competencies, you may complete earlier.

Who can do an Apprenticeship?

Anyone who is willing to make a commitment to hard work. There has never been a better time to do an apprenticeship. Skilled people are hard to find, job vacancies are readily available, and there is a range of government financial initiatives to assist with costs.

Please note that while apprenticeships generally are aimed at young people entering the workforce, there are opportunities for other groups such as:

  • Mature age
  • Indigenous
  • Women re-entering the workforce after a long absence
  • Women in non-traditional industries
  • People with disabilities

Contact AQ and discuss your situation with an employment consultant if you classify yourself as a member of one of these groups.

What qualifications do I need to start an Apprenticeship?

Generally, you need to have the following:

  • Minimum age is 15
  • Minimum education requirement is a Year 10 pass in Maths and English.

Some vocations look favourably on the completion of a pre-vocational course at TAFE, and any work experience you have in the trade of your choice would be an advantage.

Will I get paid?

Yes, you will get paid according to the relevant award or workplace agreement covering the trade you have chosen. Our payroll is processed weekly, and provided you have lodged a correctly completed and signed timesheet with our office by the cut off time, your pay will be in your nominated bank account within 2 working days.

What can I expect during my Apprenticeship with Apprenticeships Queensland?

As a community based, not-for-profit organisation, Apprenticeships Queensland exists solely to provide employment services for South East Queensland. If you become an AQ apprentice you can expect:

Commitment – our motto is “we work for YOU!” We have a dedicated team of people whose sole purpose is to provide you with the work and training opportunities you need to successfully complete your qualification.

Quality training – at AQ, we manage and monitor your college bookings and your progress. We provide advice and assistance if needed to make sure you have the skills necessary to achieve the levels of competency required by your vocation.

Variety of work – as a group training company, we have the flexibility to provide variety and continuity of work through our network of host employers.

Support – our employment consultants keep in regular contact through site visits to your place of work, phone, email and SMS. There is always someone available if you need help.

Are there any costs involved when undertaking an Apprenticeship with Apprenticeships Queensland?

Apprenticeships Queensland pays your wages while you are at college. However you are responsible for the payment of your college fees. Some vocations are eligible for a tool allowance to assist with the purchase of job-related equipment. AQ provides some work clothing and footwear, and where necessary, some safety equipment.

How do I register with Apprenticeships Queensland?

This link will take you to our Online Registration page – just follow the prompts.


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