Braking the Cycle

This program provides young people with support to obtain their driving licence.

Program details:

‘Braking the Cycle’ is a partnership between the Group Training Association of Queensland Northern Territory, Police Citizens Youth Club and professional driving organisations.

The program has been supported and funded through by the Department of Education Training and Employment.

Program Objective:

The focus is to deliver a service that “enables” young persons to develop a core life and work skill that will support further opportunities in the workplace, training, and education environments. By getting a licence the project aims to empower young people.

Participant Eligibility and program rules:

Funding will only be considered if particular eligibility criteria is met. Please complete the Application Form and email to or return to AQ’s office at 292 Brisbane Street West Ipswich.

To be eligibility for the program participants must:

  • Hold a current QLD Drivers Learners permit
  • Be referred by Apprenticeships Queensland or PCYC
  • Have completed a minimum 10 hours of driving are already logged in the learners booklet
  • Be willing to schedule driving session to enable completion of driving hours and drivers test within a 4 month period

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